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As promised, here is your free gift: THE 5 Questions To Get Strategic Clarity For the Digital Transformation of Your Organization:


  • 1) MONEY?


    • How much money do you have to invest to take care of this?
    • What budget have you put in place for this?
    • What is the budgetary process for acquiring these kinds of things?
    • Have you put together a project plan and a budget to in fact deliver this end result?
  • 2) USP?


    • Have You Already Got Your New Digital USP (BigBig Benefit Business Model)?
    • A statement that you put in front of your customers, stakeholders and your team to gauge their reaction?
    • Are they prawn towards you? Are they fascinated? No, then you need to pivot until they do.
  • 3) URGENCY?


    • Are you thinking in terms of one time frame to start this Digital Transformation: NOW?
    • Put out your calendar and ask yourself: „Do you have a date certain that you want this to happen by?“
    • Are you in a jam because of this Digital Transformation?
    • “A man who knows he will be hung in a fortnight will have a focused mind.” You want a focused mind. That’s urgency.


    • What is the current decision process that you have inside of your organization?
    • Can you personally decide to invest the money that is required?
    • Do you have budget authority?
    • What’s your actual signature authority?
  • 5) BIG PLAN?


    • Can you describe how this Digital Transformation fits into the Big Plan or Overall-Strategy of your company?
    • Do you already have a clearly formulated direction?
    • What are the specific measure points about the plans, goals, and aspirations you have…?
    • Are there hidden agendas! Be aware!
    • Have you actually created word pictures for your direction?
    • Are you already talking about what the future’s going to look like and feel?

IMPORTANT: If you have crystal clear answers to all those 5 questions and their context, well done! You will be prepared to succeed. But if you are still frustrated with the progress and the LACK of results in your efforts of your Digital Transformation, then the following will interest you:

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