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Peter is a senior CIO and is working for a company within the old economy since 20 years.

2015 … the Digital Revolution has arrived.

Peter struggles to transform his organization to be ready for the Internet of Things (IoT).
It is like the Industrial Revolution a century ago. Our society, our way of learning, how we see the ways we do business have drastically changed. At that time the business world was experiencing a completely new world of thinking. Nothing worked like before and it took over 30 years to master these profound challenges day by day.

The same patterns appear today.

Peter’s company is rapidly going under.
Products fail.
Revenues are falling quickly. Customers favor Peter’s digital enabled competitors. But there is more.

Even his employees are running away, because their computers are too limited. Negative social fallouts like staff reduction are bouncing back.
Heads roll.
Peter sees the need for change.

But how to change now?

A close key partner of Peter tells him that they had the same problems and they managed to create the deeply needed changes. It was easier than they thought, because thanks to the help of the Digital Leaders Initiative (DLI).
The DLI supports companies during hard transformation times. An architectural blueprint for the Internet of Things enables the collaboration between Peter and his System Integrators. Both easily learned how to profit from their new relationship. A business burst for both of them is possible for the very first time.
A new way of thinking has saved the day during the Industrial Revolution.
A new way of thinking will save the day again – piloting and enabling Peter’s organization for his IoT-future. Let us explain how we can help you …

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